How to Create a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk


How to Create a Password Reset Disk

Before you begin make sure to have a flash drive or floppy disk, you cannot create a password reset disk on a CD, DVD, or external hard drive.

  1. Click on Start then Control Panel
  2. Click on User Accounts and Family Safey link.
    • If you don’t see the above link, double click on User Accounts. Proceed to Step 4.
  3. Click on the User Accounts link.
  4. In the task pane on the left, click the Create a password reset disk link.
  5. When the Forgotten Password Wizard window appears, click Next.
  6. In the I want to create a password key disk in the following drive: drop down box, choose the portable media drive to create a password reset disk on. Click Next to continue.
  7. With the disk or other media still in the drive, enter your current account password in the text box and click Next.
  8. Windows will now create the password reset disk on your chosen media.
  9. You can now remove the flash drive or floppy disk from your computer. Label the media with “Windows 7 Password Reset” (or whatever makes sense to you). Store it somewhere safe.

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